Hi, nice to meet you!

I often asked myself, what do I enjoy doing? Ever since I can remember, I truly love working with my hands. However, my path began from a totally different direction. After acquiring several academic degrees, working at biomedical companies, being a mother of four (not necessarily in the same order), today I can sincerely say that I am passionate about creating, crafting and molding with my bare hands.

My relationship with used books and magazines began when I was looking for a special gift for my husband. He used to read all kinds of car magazines and refused to throw or give them away. So, it took a lot of our shelf-space, with no actual purpose. When space began to be scarce due to a growing family, I decided to create something meaningful yet useful out of these magazines. The same happened with some of our library, and some old encyclopedia.  

My trademark newsstands and booktables are made from magazines or books turned into eclectic furniture pieces. At my studio in Kiryat Hamelacha in the south of Tel Aviv, I take used books, magazines and encyclopedia in combination with plexiglass, wood or marble and electric wires, to make unique stands, tables, ottomans and lamps, which add a unique touch to any decor, whether classic, modern or eclectic.

My inherent passion for crafting has blended with my love of hospitality and cooking. This passion has driven me to study and to work with ceramics, to create something exceptionally chic and unique. I use clay flattening mixed technique, which, in a way, simulates baking and enables me to feel the matter and to apply different textures and forms from everyday life. I apply various directions, folds and angles. Every dish is created and sculptured by hand, and therefore eventually might have purposely or not, traces of my fingerprints, my stamp, my soul, myself, making it absolutely unique, yet practical for everyday use. I believe that my artwork is characterized by clean aesthetics, accuracy and finesse, not intended to be perfect. The plates and trays I make may seem delicate in their appearance but in fact are durable, dishwasher-, oven- and MW- safe. Every dish and plate are hand-crafted and painted, and therefore one of a kind. No dish is alike.

All my artworks can be viewed at the studio or ordered online. In general, I don’t produce a large stock of each item, but rather most pieces are made to order. Please kindly allow two-to-three weeks for your order to be especially produced and shipped to you. It usually takes less than that.

Get inspired.