Bazaar Red Cover

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90 degrees

I create my trademark newsstand lamps using a pile of magazines, which are fixed between two plexiglass boards, then wrapped with a colorful electric wire that extends upwards. The newsstand lamp can be used as a stand-alone piece on the floor, on a console, or a as bed-side lamp with its long-enough colorful wire. Exact measurements depend on the top magazine you choose. Height can vary between 55 to 80 cm, depending on the shape of the cable you choose.

Upright 75-80 cm H
Curly 60-65 cm H
90 degrees 55 cm H
Rainbow 55-60 cm H

Once you choose the shape, the wire cannot be adjusted. Create your own newsstand lamp, choose the cover, and match the cable color and shape as you see fit.

Done reading? Let me warp it for you.