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I use a pile of magazines of the same size which are fixed between two plexiglass boards. You can choose the newsstand from my collection and pick your favorite top cover, or use your own cover. The newsstand can be used as a coffee table, a bed-side stand or a stand-alone piece in a lobby or a waiting area. Looking for an original gift for someone special? Want to make it personal? You can add a personal note or greeting with your handwriting on the top cover. No worries, we’ll arrange that for you. 

Exact measurements depend on the top magazine you choose. Height can vary between 38 to 45 cm.  You can also add a top shelf, it's optional. The shelf can be the same size as the newsstand, or wider. 

A perfect birthday gift for someone special You can add a personal note or a greeting on the top cover before I finalize the artwork and wrap it up. No worries, we’ll arrange that for you. Add a note and we will contact you upon receiving your order.